Wednesday, 15 May 2013

This might be a crazy idea…

We love making brave, exciting, innovative ads. Why?

Because it works. We know it in our hearts, we know it from our own experience and extensive research has proven that creatively awarded campaigns are much, much more effective than non awarded campaigns.1 They can even shape and become a part of popular culture.

We also know what will make a creatively awarded campaign. The work has got to be evocative. Emotional advertising is far more effective and profitable than rational advertising.2

So why is it that we make so much derivative and rational advertising? Why does everyone from Martin Weigel to David Droga think that the vast majority of what we make is shit?

Because making great advertising means taking risks. ‘Safe’ and rational (or crap) advertising is unfortunately often capable of meeting the short term sales and business objectives that pay our client’s wages and bonuses3. So most clients don’t often take that risk. Why would they? Would you?
And if we are being brutal, they don’t trust us enough to take that risk. Otherwise they would.

So how can we persuade them trust us, to take that risk and go from derivative and rational to brave and emotional?
I think it’s us that need to change.