Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Little Deck of Banging Ads

Whenever anyone asks me for examples of ads that are a bit like this, or campaigns that are similar to that, I lose the ability to think of any advert I have ever seen. This being quite annoying, I thought I’d start a project to arrange ads into decks as I work, that way creating a little library of research. I also thought I might as well share the love, so here is the first installation of The Little Deck of Banging Ads. This one's about non-traditional media, the hottest buzz-phrase in town. I'm sure you've all seen these ads before but if you're anything like me (can't think of a single ad when prompted) it might be helpful to have them all in one place. Feel free to use / download / do with it as you like.


P.S. If you do find it in anyway useful and you can find it in your heart to give the project a little shout out on Twitter that would be very much appreciated.