Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Little Deck of Banging Ads - Vol 3

The Little Deck of Banging Ads is back and this time it's all about experiential advertising, which in my book is essentially some sort of disruptive and engaging stunt.


This is a project to arrange advertising of a specific type and genre thematically into decks, thereby gradually creating a little library of research. It started when I realised that although I end up dong this quite a lot, whenever anyone asks me for an ad that's a bit like this or a few examples of campaigns that did that, my mind goes totally blank. If you're anything like me having these examples in a handy deck might be quite useful and if you are on the look out for either examples of non-traditional media or brands with a social conscience, my first two decks might help...

As always please do feel free to use / download / do with it as you like and a huge thank you to everyone who has given the project a little shout out on Twitter - it really is brilliant to know people find this stuff useful!