Wednesday, 9 March 2016


“Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink,” The Ancient Mariner.

“Data data everywhere but what the fuck to think? “ Me.

In the wake of a lot of annual / quarterly / continuous reports on Mobile vs TV, I’ve tried to interpret some data into three points, that are hopefully interesting and helpful for you.

1. Beware of anyone telling you live TV is dead, because it isn’t

A piece of data in the Facebook’s Q4’15 Market Snapshot (UK) report (supplied by Millward Brown) is totally at odds with other, I believe far more reliable data, with regards to Live TV & On Demand TV viewing figures.

This is from a report called 'A Year In TV', have a read there’s loads of great data.

2. There is a case that adspend on Mobile mobile is underrepresented Vs share of screen

But that’s probably a good thing seeing as most Mobile advertising is awful, intrusive and steals people’s data allowance. All reasons why one of the biggest Mobile operators in the UK, Three, is going to block them.

3. BUT Mobile video can be as powerful as an HD Widescreen TV

A piece of research by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (of Byron Sharp fame) has shown that viewing video on mobile can be as exciting or more so than on a TV. This is particularly interesting coming from them as Sharp can sometimes sound quite dismissive of digital / social.

"skin conductance results showed mobile phone participants experienced the same levels of excitement as participants who watched the larger screens.

The effect of holding a mobile phone on excitement was stronger than the effect of viewing distance. The effect of distance was clearest for the desktop personal computer, which was not held in the hand"

So used properly mobile video advertising can be very powerful.

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