Tuesday, 20 December 2016


KFC, Gaming and Grime. At first glance these may look like three separate entities, but look a little closer into youth culture today and you will see that they are inseparably tangled together. Grime stars love gaming; they love talking about it online and they love writing music about gaming.

The gaming elite have reciprocated this inter-genre love; KSI - gamer and most influential YouTuber in the UK - has even collaborated on grime tune ‘Lamborghini’ with P Money, which has amassed more than 61m views. Where you find grime and gaming, you find KFC mentioned constantly, both in lyrics or proclaimed as the ultimate fuel for gaming on social chatter.

This blossoming friendship between two of the biggest and hottest UK cultures has been played out publicly across a combined social network that reaches approximately 60% of the UK’s 16-24s.

This is the age group that is leading the charge against online advertising, with nearly half (47%) using adblockers - up 15% in a year.

They also make up a sizeable proportion of the fast food category.

With traditional OLA declining in reach (with questionable effectiveness), we wondered whether live broadcast, connecting straight to the customer, could offer us a marketing opportunity?

The objective; to famously enforce the existing cultural associations between this demographic, eating occasion and KFC. At a fraction of the price of TV.

On the 27th November, KFC hosted a gaming tournament that saw the biggest names in grime and gaming battle it out for a lifetime’s supply of KFC

By shortcutting traditional media, KFC reached 87% its target audience, with the live stream reaching 2.7 million people. What’s more, 77% of all comments expressed joy.

The long term effect of this broadcast is yet to be measured, but we are already planning no.2. Why? Because although adblocking may never quite reach the 100% of millennials that AdBlock Plus believe they can, we believe that building KFC’s broadcasting power for longevity will deliver substantial returns.