Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Little Deck of Banging Ads - Vol 2

I started this project a few months ago when I realised that my mind always goes totally blank whenever I need to think of ads within a specific genre. This being quite irritating I thought I'd start thematically arranging ads as I work into decks, all in an effort to make a little library of research. So here it is then the long awaited (ahem...) sequel to my first deck on non-traditional media

This one is all about brands acting with / like they've got a social conscience and although you've probably seen all of these ads before you might like to have them in one handy little deck as a reference tool. As always please do feel free to use / download / do with it as you like.


P.S. If you did find this deck in anyway interesting / useful and wouldn't mind giving it a little shout out on twitter that would be hugely appreciated. (Thanks so much to everyone who tweeted about the project the first time round, I really am very grateful - you are lovely people!)