Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Project Colour #2

So last week Project Colour kicked off at Ashburnham Primary School where over 150 kids painted their version of the World’s End Estate onto our digital billboard. As week 2 of the project starts and we begin to turn their paintings into one giant collage I’ve had some time to reflect on what was a truly exciting and uplifting day. 5 things stood out for me in particular.

1. First of all it was truly impressive to see how immediately these kids got to grips with the technology and immersed themselves into painting.

2. I was surprised to see how social an activity painting was for them and it was truly delightful to watch as they excitedly showed each other and talked about their work in progress.

3. Their imaginations led them to beautiful ideas.

4. The sheer joy that they took out of painting and the excitement at seeing their work on the big screen was immeasurable.

5. It was startling to see how differently everyone approached their paintings. There was such a wide range of distinctive styles, unburdened by the ‘rules’ of painting adults strain to free themselves from. I think this is a startling reminder of the innate creativity that exists in children and a powerful argument to encourage that creativity in all of them. These three examples give you a flavour of the work produced but there’s plenty more where that came from.

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