Monday, 8 July 2013

Got To Love A Good Slide

If you’re anything like me (or any other planner I've ever met) you’ll get all hot under the collar over a good slide. Sometimes it’s because it’s a really useful or interesting piece of information. Sometimes it’s a masterclass in how to present something and other times it’s just because it’s pretty. Anyway I thought I’d share my favorite slides with you.

1. Lest we forget how much TV people are actually watching and are tempted to buy into the ‘TV advertising is dead it’s all about social’ hype…

2. This slide has probably affected the way I work more directly and immediately than anything else I've read.

3. Simple and powerful articulation on a gorgeous picture.

4. ‘Chasing consumer insights ignores the many kinds of insight that can fuel creativity’ – Martin Weigel. I find this chart super useful when I’m stuck in a rut.

5. Richard Huntingdon used this slide at the IPA Modern Briefing  when making a very compelling case for us all to stop caricaturing the consumer / punter (both terms he spat out with disgust) in our briefs. Isn't it pretty.

6. A smart piece of thinking presented in one crystal clear slide by Patricia McDonald, also at the IPA Modern Briefing.

7. From the latest edition of the outlandishly interesting Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker, I just find the growth of tablets stunning and noteworthy for so many reasons.

What do you reckon?

P.S. Tweet me your favorites, would love to see them!


2. Can’t remember where I found this to be honest. It is all over the internet though.
5. IPA
6. IPA

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