Wednesday 9 August 2017


What's the insight?

What's the claim?

What's the reason to believe?

How did the script do in the focus groups?

What's the key message takeout?

Is it actively engaging?

On and on and on go the questions that bury us in so much complexity that we over complicate the simplest of tasks.

'Just say the brand name in a way people will remember it' is the answer to most communications briefs. It's rarely more complicated than that.

ADVERTISING IS VERY SIMPLE. It's also very hard. That is why it is becoming a pseudo-science where people hide in complexity. 

Bernbach warned against it. (thanks @rshotton)

So when you've got a product, agency and client who are free enough to just make us remember the product and the brand, amazing things can happen. 

These are two of the best ads of all time.

All the data tells us that being different and distinctive makes for effective comms.

So let's fuck off all the constraints of trying to add 'science' and get back to the art of making people remember us.

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