Monday, 2 June 2014

Internet Trends 2014 - Mary Meeker

I’d highly recommend reading Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2014 as I believe it to be one of the most comprehensive yearly global studies about tech and internet use. It’s full of very useful data, trends, analyses and some great slides you could pinch for a presentation.

There is so much interesting stuff in there I feel like my head is about to explode but here are 4 that stood out to me immediately, as always from a planning point of view.

1. Tablets have been out shipping PCs for a while now but this enormous amount of sustained growth has, in my opinion, real implications for how we must design the internet. Amazingly the UK Government Digital Service has always been ahead of the game on this.

2. I think with that in mind we have a lot to learn from the evolution of Apps.

3. Google TrueView may well be a game-changer for media buying, especially if you have a look at the rise of digital TV elsewhere in this report. But I do not believe that this totally changes how we make the creative. Yes it’s evolving, but NO, the discipline of what you might call ‘traditional TV advertising’ is certainly not dead.

4. In the long term I find the idea that educational institutions could become some of the biggest global brands unbelievably exciting. In the short term, get learning.

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