Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Game Changers from the IPA Modern Briefing.

Picture from @Amelia_Torode

Today's IPA Modern Briefing conference was packed to bursting point with insightful and thought provoking ideas and information, some of which I think could be game changers. I've tried to get them down for you here;

1. Try version numbering your briefs from Glyn Britton (Albion) @glyndot

At Albion briefs are split into two distinct categories

The first half of the brief acts as a constant reminder of what needs to be done (the commercial objectives).

The second half provides an outline of what the best solution is at the moment.

The second half will be constantly updated as the brief is worked on by a team of carefully selected individuals hence the need to number your briefs as you go.

Full presentation here

2. Talk about people in a way that makes me love and respect them from Richard Huntington (Saatchi & Saatchi)  @adliterate

Richard Huntington made a very compelling case for us all to stop caricaturing the consumer / punter (both terms he spat out with disgust) in our briefs. Recalling a conversation he once had where Steve Henry told him ‘I want you to talk about people in a way that makes me love and respect them,’ Richard drove home the need for us to speak about human beings we have actually met if we are to inspire meaningful work.

3. Three changes to briefing from Patricia McDonald (Isobar) @PatsMc

1.     A business problem is a behaviour change in disguise

2.     We need network insights not just consumer ones

3.     What is the one thing we need to do or make (not just say)


All fairly self explanatory I think full presentation here

4. Have a clear sense of where you want to get to but be utterly flexible on how you get there from Patricia McDonald (Isobar) @PatsMc


Disputing the ‘light a hundred fires’ ethos which has become prevalent recently, Patricia offered a counter argument which resonated with me. ‘Have a clear sense of where you want to get to but be utterly flexible on how you get there’ encapsulated the ‘staying in beta’ notion whilst also maintaining a firm grip on the 'grand strategists' role, something which I have been trying to articulate for a long time. 

5. Everything is media from Jason Gonslaves (BBH)

The big lesson to be learnt form Droga5’s Grand Prix for Good winning plasters is that everything can be media. Taking this into consideration means that ‘media is far too important to be left to media agencies’.

6. And finally Always get odd numbers into briefings from Glyn Britton (Albion) @glyndot

That way there is never a stale mate on decision making.

Hope that’s useful, let me know what you think. 

The full IPA Modern Briefing presentation is available here. 

Ps. Continue the conversation at #ipamodernbriefing

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