Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Power through simplicity; How a poster can out-gun a TV ad.

Take The Stage
The Olympics are coming, the world is watching, the time is now and performance runs through everything you do.  So do it with pride, do it with style, but most importantly do it with Adidas.
This thinking that has gone into the Adidas Olympic campaign is really powerful. Using the Olympic theme of ‘the greatest show on earth’ to link sport, style and culture through performance could not be any more relevant or motivating. It also impresses a huge amount of urgency, the sense that their is a unique opportunity about to be upon us, that we must be ready for (with Adidas clothes). It’s a creative and effective strategy.
Now watch the TV ad.

Disappointed? I was.
 I love the thinking but the creative just doesn’t do it for me. The fashion / sports mix seems forced, maybe because of the mix of uber trendy and banal camera work. I don’t get the feeling of impending opportunity, which the tag line suggests so eloquently. There is just way to much going on here (the bit with Keith Lemon makes no sense) and it seems like spending the budget was more important than delivering that one powerful idea – Take The Stage.
Alternatively there is a black and white poster on the tube delivering that same strategy (curiously without the tag line I am so keen on) which I think is brilliant.
What do you think?

PS. I also HATE Stella McCartney outfits for Team GB.

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