Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How I would get Sony Ericsson back in the smartphone game.

Sony Ericsson is a massive underachiever; its market share has been declining whilst the company have invested a lot in developing their smartphones. Their top range of phones are now able to compete with the market leaders from a technological standpoint but this is not reflected in sales.

The problem is that nobody knows or cares about the Sony Ericsson brand anymore. So the challenge for communications is quite a simple one, to build a strong brand around great products.

The target audience is the 16-34’s who own the majority of smartphones, change their phones more than any other age group and are the thought leaders for this market.
This age group are most interested in the aspects of smartphones that relate to entertainment whilst seeing communication as a pre-requisite of a handset.

The smartphone is essentially the convergence of Sony’s products and brands from Playstation and Walkman to Bravia screens, all of which relate to entertainment and due to the nature of a smartphone now relate to personal entertainment. These brands also hold huge brand equity in people’s heads.

Sony Ericsson should therefore position itself as the personal entertainment brand offering the convergence of Sony brilliance in one product.

NB I would drop the Ericsson as well
Full presentation with notes below.

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